How We Work

Meet the Dream Team

We begin the design process with an initial consultation; here, we’ll gain a strong understanding of your design/remodeling needs, personal design tastes, as well as your ultimate project goals.

Crunch the numbers

Based on the initial design consultation, we will create a rough project material & labor bid—with material allowances—to give you a good idea of project cost.

Design takes shape

We begin the initial selection of materials to start bringing your design to life. We’ll present 3 complete, unique designs for you to review. After you have approved a design, we’ll select all finish materials—like cabinetry, countertops, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, floor and wall tile, hardwood, hardware, molding, paint colors, and anything else necessary to perfectly execute the design. (Note: if an architect/engineer is required for your project, they will be introduced at this point.)

Drafting the documents

After we have designed your space and have selected all materials, we will draft construction documents that reflect approved plans, labor costs and finish materials—so that you have an exact cost breakdown.

Putting pen to paper

After separate labor and material contracts are drafted, we’ll both sign on the dotted line—entering a dream partnership for the design execution of your home.

Meeting of the minds

Client, Designer, and Project Manager (PM) will meet at the job site and discuss all the details of the project. If you have any special needs prior to construction, they’ll be discussed at this time with your PM. Together, we’ll go through an itemized, detailed checklist of your remodel; this will be done throughout construction—to ensure an optimized experience.

Scheduling the dream

Shortly after your meeting with the designer and PM, your PM will prepare your project schedule—giving you a week-to-week breakdown of how your project will progress. We know how challenging a remodel can be on a household, especially with homes that have children and/or pets. We also know that communication is key to the success of any project. Which is why we go over a detailed pre-project checklist, covering items like work hours, entry & exit, lock box, port-o-potty, HOA concerns, neighbor concerns, emergency contact numbers, etc. We make sure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed—so we we can get down to business.

Getting the green light

We then acquire all the necessary building permits required by law. This is the last step before construction actually begins.

Enter the dream-state

Now that all the documents have been drawn up and signed, all the materials have been selected and purchased, and all the permits have been acquired, it’s time to get to work—and start bringing your dream design to life.

Success is a team effort

After careful design, excellent communication, and professional execution, your dream is now a reality.